[PATCH 00/16] Update Grilo to build on GI's HEAD and other fixes

Hi all,

The following set of patches fix some issues which prevented Grilo to be
built with introspection support in GI versions newer than 0.9.3, by

* modifying the type and element-type annotations to remove the '*' from
  the data types
* adding an explicit "transfer mode" to return values of non-basic types
* modifying the declaration of the GrlPluginInfo structure so the typedef
  appears prior the struct declaration.

Besides, aiming to reduce the number of non-introspectable functions, 
the following changes have been made:
* the GrlMetadataSource class has been annotated
* GrlMediaPlugin defines have been replaced with functions
* GrlMetadataSource callbacks' GErrors have been annotated as uints
* Other annotation fixes

And finally, following Edu's advice to reduce the number of annotations 
to the minimum needed, those related to functions returning "const gchar*"
have been removed, as they're "(type utf8") (transfer none)" by default.

As a bonus, a check is introduced to avoid invoking key-depends on plugins
which don't have it implemented.

Simón Pena (16):
  annotations: Added missing colon
  annotations: Replaced GObject.ParamSpec* with GObject.ParamSpec
  annotations: Replaced Grl.Media* with Grl.Media
  annotations: Replaced Grl.MediaSource* with Grl.MediaSource
  annotations: Skipped non introspectable functions
  core: Made GrlPluginInfo introspectable
  annotations: Added missing transfer modes
  annotations: Annotated grl-metadata-source
  annotations: Annotated metadata_source cb GErrors as uints
  annotations: Fixed 'get_info_keys' annotation
  core: Replaced grl-media-plugin defines with functions
  annotations: Annotated 'register_metadata_key'
  annotations: Removed unnecessary annotations
  annotations: Media in cb is transfer full
  annotations: Fixed grl_data_get_keys transfer mode
  core: Checked for 'key-depends' implementation

 src/data/grl-config.c      |    8 ++--
 src/data/grl-data.c        |   30 +++++++------
 src/data/grl-media-audio.c |    8 ++--
 src/data/grl-media.c       |   34 ++++++++--------
 src/grilo.c                |    2 +-
 src/grl-log.c              |    6 +++
 src/grl-media-plugin.c     |   97 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 src/grl-media-plugin.h     |   78 ++++-------------------------------
 src/grl-media-source.c     |   26 ++++++------
 src/grl-media-source.h     |    8 ++--
 src/grl-metadata-key.c     |    4 +-
 src/grl-metadata-source.c  |   79 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
 src/grl-metadata-source.h  |   11 +++--
 src/grl-multiple.c         |   10 ++--
 src/grl-plugin-registry.c  |   15 +++++-
 src/grl-plugin-registry.h  |    6 ++-
 src/grl-util.c             |    2 +-
 17 files changed, 246 insertions(+), 178 deletions(-)

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