Re: [PATCH] [media-source] Add test to prevent segfault on browse_result_relay_cb


On Fri, 2010-05-14 at 10:57 +0200, Iago Toral Quiroga wrote:
> Hi Joaquim,
> thanks for the bug report. 
> Checking out your patch I am a bit surprised, because that patch should
> not be needed: browse_result_relay_cb should never be invoked with a
> NULL source object. The source object is referenced (g_object_ref) when
> a browse/search operation is started and unreferenced (g_object_unref)
> when the operation is done (remaining==0 has been emitted by the
> plugin). A plugin must not emit a new result after remaining=0 has been
> sent, for that signals the end of the operation.
> I can only think of these reasons for this to happen:
> 1) A plugin is emitting results after sending remaining == 0.
> 2) Someone is unreffing the source object somewhere twice.
> 3) There is some other kind of memory management problem somewhere
> The g_return_if_fail in your patch might prevent the segfault, but it is
> masquerading the real problem.
> I would appreciate if you can provide backtrace information extracted
> from gdb and any info you can get on the "remaining" parameter being
> passed on to the browse_result_cb when this problem happens. Probably it
> is better if you attach this information and your patch to bugzilla.

Well, I installed the upstream version again and tested it and it no
longer fails... o_0
Could it be that some part of the Jamendo service was failing then and
it ended up with some NULL source to be passed?

> Also, since this is only happening when using rygel-grilo I wonder if
> the source of the problem might live there. Another issue might be
> related to you using Python, since AFAIK, the introspection support for
> Grilo is not stable yet.

I'm using Python but not the bindings, I'm using Rygel-Grilo.

So, now that I cannot test it anymore, what should we do?

Joaquim Rocha

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