Re: mafw-grilo-source available

O Mar, 08-06-2010 ás 17:17 +0300, Claudio Saavedra escribiu:
> I noticed something odd when listening to jamendo stuff and debugging
> mafw-lastfm (my scrobbler for the n900 that relies on mafw).
> When my MafwRendererMetadataResultCB is called, I call
> mafw_metadata_lookup_string () to get the artist and track name, but
> it's returning NULL for both (but the mediaplayer displays the metadata
> fine). This is working the other way around for the "Filesystem" backend
> (or whatever you call it) – the metadata is obtained, even when the
> mediaplayer fails to display it.
> Any idea what's going on with the metadata for Jamendo stuff?

That's renderer stuff, I guess. You are using the metadata coming from
the renderer, right? Do you explicitely query the source? If you do not
query the source, then the renderer get's the metadata from GStreamer
and maybe Jamendo streams don't have metadata in them.


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