[GOK] moving gok.ca to projects.gnome.org/gok


I would like to move gok.ca to projects.gnome.org/gok. My main
motivation for this is to make the page open to all GOK contributors but
it will also force me to update things a bit.

My plan is to model the new page in the style of these two pages:


Here's my TODO list:

* figure out how to create the page on projects.gnome.org
* find out how to import the gok.ca mailing list into the this mailing
  list archive
* update documentation in source tree and on live.gnome.org to point to
  new page
* add redirect from gok.ca -> projects.gnome.org/gok

I have 2 questions for the list about this stuff:

1) Is everybody ok with this change?

2) Do we need to back up an archive of the content from gok.ca in case
somebody wants to access it in the future?

Thanks, Ben

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