New worksheet in a long-existing (and working) file changes expression to string after saving and closing (and then reopening)

I have a gnumeric spreadsheet with about 30 worksheets, many using the dsum expression.  However, a newly created worksheet is exhibiting unusual behavior (everything else but the new worksheet works normally) : it works fine when the file is open, but when I save the file, close it, and then re-open it, all the dsum expressions in only that new worksheet are converted to a string... e.g. =dsum(expression) becomes '=dsum(expression)

I can do a "find/replace" using the advance button to shut of 'Keep strings as string', replacing = with =, and limiting it to the range within the sheet (probably could just let it replace all in the current worksheet just as easily).

I'm using Windows version 10.16 (I know, ancient, but... I just can move so much faster in Gnumeric than Excel or Libre Calc, and haven't been able to resolve the compile errors when trying to build it myself in MSYS2).

Regards, RG

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