ssconvert: more Excel-to-csv issues

In the attached, columns E through K are formatted in Excel (2019) as [m]:ss.0 (in other words, an elapsed time, with one DP of precision in the seconds).

If this is converted to csv as follows:

$ ssconvert --export-type=Gnumeric_stf:stf_assistant -O 'format=preserve quoting-mode=auto separator=,' test.xlsx test.csv

Then there are two issues:

(1) - times of under a minute are converted as expected (ie. '0:41.5'), but times of one minute or over are enclosed in double quotes, with additional spaces inside the quotes (ie. '" 1:08.0"'). This also happens in xls files, but with more spaces (ie. '" 1:27.7 "').

I've only seen this for formats of [m]:ss.0; I haven't seen it where the format is [m]:ss.00 (ie. 2 decimal places in the seconds). For this 2-DP format, times of over a minute are converted as expected.

(2) - empty time cells are converted to a quoted string containing spaces (ie. " ").

This doesn't happen in 'quoting-mode=never', as you'd expect, but 'never' isn't usable in my case because some cells may contain text strings which contain comma characters, and so must be quoted.

I fix the output in a downstream filter, so it's not an immediate issue for me, but I thought you'd like to know.

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