can't clone or pull from git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/gnumeric (etc.)

Hi --

1) I have used this command many, many times in the past,
but now it fails:

:; git clone git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/gnumeric
Cloning into 'gnumeric'...
remote: ========================================================================
remote: Your account has been deactivated by your administrator. Please log back in from a web browser to 
reactivate your account at
remote: ========================================================================
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Actually I care more about git pull, but the git pull symptoms
are easier for other folks to reproduce.

Note that git gitlab gnome org:GNOME/gnumeric.git is recommended
at the main page


2) When I use the corresponding "https" url to do a git pull,
I get the following:

warning: no common commits

which seems kinda alarming.

Specifically, I edited .git/config to replace the git: url with
the https: url, then did a git pull.


3) Similar problems seem to affect libgsf.

Was there a big announcement that I missed?
Or is this a bug?

If so, to whom should I report the bug?
That's not obvious, since multiple projects are affected.

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