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iseven(row()) works fine.

Hope this helps,

Le mercredi 15 juin 2022 à 09:52 -0400, Geoff Sullivan via gnumeric-
list a écrit :
I want to figure out how to add color to alternate rows of a
spreadsheet using conditional formatting. In LibreOffice Calc there
is a way to do this by setting the conditional of a range of cells to
'=iseven(row())' and defining a style color in the dialog. Voila!
alternate rows appear in the chosen color.
In Gnumeric there is an option for conditional formatting that seems
to allow for the same effect. Select a range of cells to apply the
row colors to. Under Format > Cells > Conditional Formatting there is
a dialog box. You select 'Selection evaluates to TRUE' in the first
box, enter (I think) '=iseven(row))' in the 'x:' box, select a
background in the style box, and close. The colored rows should
appear in your spreadsheet now. NOT SO MUCH. I tried this several
different ways and once I noticed the Add button lit beside the box
on the left (Editing conditional formatting:) and I clicked it. I
believe some confirmation should have appeared there but it didn't.
Does anyone know what I'm missing here?
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