question about UI, 'ctrl-x' in gnumeric working different than in Calc, and Excel?

as a general philosopy I'd think: UI-use and data exchange -> mimic Excel and Calc, questionable calculations / wrong results / truncated precision / faking -> don't. 
in that sense I see two - intentional? - deviating behaviors: 
- Calc keeps the paste buffer after 'crtl-x - ctrl-v', you can paste subsequent copies, in gnumeric it's emptied after the first paste, 
- Calc treats the value copied by 'crtl-x' same as if copied with 'ctrl-c': paste in ranges is possible, gnumeric allows only one 'size identical' copy,  if you select a bigger area -> blocked by 'destination has different shape ...'. 
AFAIR Excel acts the same way as Calc. 
Since spreading gnumeric also means to offer Calc and Excel users a migration, and since the behavior of Calc and Excel is more like the behavior common in other areas of Windows and Linux, I would suggest to adapt gnumeric to that ... 

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