code pointer for reading from xls files

hello @all, 
doe's somebody know about and can help me with a code pointer?
( I'm quite sure MW can, but as well think he has lot's of other more important stuff to do. )
I want to - try to - get the tests (make check) passing with a long double version, and for that
purpose need to - try to - pimp up the values read from the files. E.g. 'statfuns.xls' has values
like 0.1, 0.4, 0.2, 0.3 ... stored for PROB, when loading the file a gnumeric 'long' version converts that to:
and in consequence calculates bullshit or #NUM!.
I have an idea for a meaningful conversion and would like to chek it out, but I'm not sure which function in which 'c' file doe's the read in.
I tried intercepting ms-excel-read.c at 'val = value_new_float (gsf_le_get_double (val_dat));', but alas that didn't work out.
I think I need two points, one where a value is read and the cell assigned a value, and one where a formula is read and parsed and contains values.
I am aware that I won't get text as from xml files, but a bin value, will try to deal with it ...
Best Regards,

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