keyboard macro? or other tool to quickly find target values?

hello @all,
I somewhat miss the macro capabilities of Libreoffice ...
the following task: in a cell a tolerance value must be adjusted until a cell dependent on it reaches a certain step value. In calc I had built a macro which increases the cell value by one, held the thumb on it and by keyboard repeat quickly counted through until I saw the change, then back in single steps, done.
Where I have not found something similar in gnumeric I tried 'goal seek' and solver, but i'm not familiar with them, no success. Actually something like this could work? Find the minimum value that must be entered in cell X so that cell Y becomes '1'? I got some results where '1' in Y worked, but not with the minimum value in X but any value large enough.
Can someone help with this vague description?
Best Regards,

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