Two questions about the Gnumeric tests:

hello @all, 
Two questions about the Gnumeric tests:
( I'm trying to see how well they work with a 'long' version )
1. could someone please check if it is correct that statfuns.xls in cell F22 calculates
15.075000000000001 as average of 33.9; 23.3; -1.3 and 4.4? And that this in cell G22
is required as correct? My school math understanding is a bit different, but I can't
find a bug in my system right now, have tried different gnumeric versions and also
thought to hit 'F9'. But even may just have fallen into a bad day.
2. is it correct that the evaluations for the tests are not done by the read functions
ms-excel-read and ms-formula-read but by and ssconvert? And that
ssconvert uses own routines or libgsf to read the values? Then I would be grateful for
code pointer where I can 'catch' there cell values and values in formulas and tune
thanks a lot for all help,
Best Regards,

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