Quirks in the display of values,

hello @all,  
it would be nice if someone could check that '=1125899906842624.25 ' changes to and displays 
1125899906842624.**3** as cell value, but in the formula bar, in edit-cell ( F2 ) and in 'get.formula' 
1125899906842624.**2** is used. ( To exclude that it is an error of my system. )  
( for '1125899906842624.25 ' without the '=' all values go to 1125899906842624.3 )  
And if someone could give me 'code pointers' on which different ways the strings for formula bar, edit cell, 
get.formula and cell-value are evaluated.  
I know that it's just a different display of the same value and so no calculation errors occur, and strongly 
suspect that it's not a bug in gnumeric but an idiosyncrasy in gcc / glibc ( where I think experiments with 
'ties to even' of 'last decimal digit' are done which are not covered by the IEEE standard ), but to clarify 
this I would need to know the path's in the gnumeric code.  
TIA and Best Regards,  

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