simple? c-coding / gnumeric coding style question ...

hello @all,

i'm not a coder but trying to adapt some routines for small improvements in rounding and am stuck at the following point:

in functions.c i have the routine? function? 'gnumeric_rounddown',

i'd like to call that function from inside the function 'gnumeric_round' and compare the results.

i can call subroutines from goffice, but for those of gnumeric i have no idea.

simple call failed with 'implicit declaration',

putting a #define in numbers.h resulted in 'type conflicts' 'double' vs. 'GnmFuncEvalInfo',

i could - but don't want to - copy the code from rounddown and paste it into round (with modifications),

i could - but dont want to - move more functionality of rounddown into goffice (did such with oher calculations and now am able to call them as subroutines),

but i think there should be a more elegant way,

and one which complies with gnumeric coding style,

if available a hint to a sample where such is done with other calculations could be enough, i'm weak in coding but somewhat better in copying and adapting ...

TIA for any help or tip ...



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