Re: RE: follow up II - newbie questions, sum over range, rounding of special problematic values


Do you prefer to be called "nullzwei" or "b"?

I think that your issue is that you believe that roundup and rounddown 
do not behave correctly, if that correct?

You have the value:


and rounddown(0.24999999999999997, 16) returns 0.25 exactly, which is 
larger than the original input.

Also roundup(0.24999999999999997, 16) returns 0.2499999999999999, which 
is smaller than the original input.

You expected the opposite results:

rounddown(0.24999999999999997, 16) --> 0.2499999999999999
(but actually got 0.25)

roundup(0.24999999999999997, 16) --> 0.25
(but actually got 0.2499999999999999)

Do you agree that this is a good description of the problem?


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