Re: Is it possible to define a font "globally" for a chart?

Hi Anton,

It is not directly possible to change all fonts at once, but you can
define a charting theme as explained in the Goffice API reference :

Your themes should lie in ~/.goffice/themes and have the .theme

Hope this helps,

Le samedi 17 octobre 2020 à 14:47 -0700, Anton Kratz via gnumeric-list
a écrit :
Is it possible to define a font "globally" for a chart?
I know how I can define a font for a given element in the "Customize
Chart" dialog. But there I need to do that again and again for each
Instead, can I somehow define: "Use Arial (or whatever) for all text
in this chart"? Instead of having to do that separately for each
axis, for the legend, etc?


P.S.: I just want to say that I have been using Gnumeric on and off
for the last 10+ years and I love it! Among other things, I love the
way charts can be customized. Gnumeric is an awesome work. Thanks
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