Re: More than you ever wanted to know about csv files (Re: to csv or not to csv)

On 10/12/20 8:19 PM, William Park via gnumeric-list wrote:

On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 04:02:33PM -0400, Morten Welinder wrote:
TL;DR: Avoid csv files if you can.

Then, is there another format or standard you'd recommend when working
with Gnumeric?  It's easy to say don't use CSV, but then what should
people use instead?

That is a super-important question.  Every time it gets asked, the answer
seems to be "use the configurable text importer".

I'm trying to be a good listener.  So let me come at the question from a
slightly different angle:

Suppose I want to configure the importer to do what IMHO the .csv importer
should have been doing all along, starting with RFC compliance, and also
strictly adhering to the 5 semantic interpretation rules that MW provided.
I would be quite happy with that.

Specifically, in the context of ssconvert (which is what I care about), how
do I configure the importer?  The ssconvert manpage says the importer is
configurable, but doesn't say how.  By way of contrast, it mentions -O for
configuring an exporter, but I find no comparable mention of configuring an

I'm hoping the required configuration is ridiculously simple, but I need
some help getting started.

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