Re: New to Gnumeric -- attempting to plot data


Welcome to Gnumeric.

Look at section 3.10 (Graphing).

The fast way to plot your data is to select both ranges and click on
the graph button (left to the zoom tool button). Next, you choose the
plot type, default being scatter plot, and you can use the dialog to
customize your plot.

Hope this helps,

Le mardi 25 février 2020 à 06:52 -0600, Richard Owlett a écrit :
Although I used spreadsheets back in days of CPM/80 and WinXP,
I've not used any in *DECADES*.
My OS is Debian Stretch (9.8).
The version of gnumeric is 1.12.32 .

I wish to plot the data in C30:C65 against the data in A30:A65.
I wish the labels on the x-axis to run from the value in A30 to
the value in A65.

I do not find the manual at
very helpful.

Help please.

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