Re: No vertical grid lines in graph?

I had this problem and solved it like this:
1. gnumeric files are zip files
2. unzip the file, you may have to change the extension to .zip
3. the unzipped file is an XML file with a structure that is very
4. open the file and find the following
If you have mora than one chart, you will have to identify the correct one
      <gnm:SheetObjectGraph ...>
        <GogObject type="GogGraph">
          <GogObject role="Chart">
            <GogObject role="Grid">
              <GogObject role="X-Axis">
5. Add this at the end of the <GogObject role="X-Axis">
                <GogObject role="MajorGrid">
                  <property name="style" type="GogStyle">
                    <line auto-dash="1" auto-width="1" auto-color="0"
                    <fill type="none" auto-type="1" is-auto="1"
                  <property name="id">1</property>
6. change the extension to .gnumeric
7. open the new file in gnumeric and voila!

At next save gnumeric will zip the file again.

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