Re: feature request

Bill's suggestion would be a small improvement. More important to me would
be to make the "Sum =  " box disappear. I usually have several sheets and
must extend the window sideways, or scroll them, to see their names. Very
rarely have I used the formula box. Incidentally I often work with a 10"
laptop screen.

On Wed, 23 Oct 2019 09:11:38 +0200, "bill dobbins" <mothing post com>
wrote :
Hi all,
I'd like to suggest the "View Statusbar" under "View" be placed with the other "Toolbars" and be given the 
same option to be turned off by default as these other three toolbars. I never use it and disable it at 
each program startup to increase space on my 12.5" laptop screen.
Anyone else have the same issue or suggestion? Thx!
bill d

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