Gunmeric for windows

I believe the last Gnumeric for windows was gnumeric-1.12.17 released in 2014. The windows build was 
abandoned due to Gtk+ related crashes that the maintainers had neither the inclination or time to deal with. 
I can send you a download link for this version if you want. I have gnumeric-1.12.17 installed under widows 
10 in a university computer lab and it seems to work just fine. I use Arch Linux on my personal machines and 
as a devoted user of Gnumeric, for about a decade now, have 1.12.44 installed.

If you REALLY want to use The LATEST Gnumeric on a Windows 10 box I recommend installing virtualbox, or one 
of it's several alternatives, for windows. Then install whatever flavour of linux you fancy, as a guest OS in 
virtualbox. Then install the latest version of Gnumeric in the guest OS. 

Paul Douglas Fisher
+55 51 99555 6151
pdf poa tutanota com

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