Re: Freezing top x lines in a table

On 01/03/2018 12:49 PM, Bruno Baumgärtner wrote:
I am in train to leave LibreOffice as this Methuselah is aeons to large for me. I need a simple calculation program to follow a few sales figures.

I have imported one of these files from Calc and all works well. But I can not freeze the first 6 lines like I do up to now. I am using Kubuntu 14-04 and will change to 18.04, the next LTS.

Could someone mail me the way, please. Would be much appreciated.

Extra question: Are you having a live chat group?

It sounds like you're asking how to do this in Calc.  If so, highlight the x number of top rows (entire rows) you want to freeze, then click "Window -> Split".  That creates two "windows" on the spreadsheet.  Then position the contents of the top window how you want it to appear and click "Window -> Freeze".

Is that what you want?

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