Re: Gnumeric on Windows using WSL

So, to answer my own question, I was able to install gnumeric on Windows using WSL, see screenshot here:

This is actually quite easy.
I just install the Xming X server and launched it.
Then in a bash windows, you install the necessary packages using apt and dpkg (the libgsf, libgoffice and gnumeric packages are not on the repos, so you need to download them and then dpkg).
After that you export DIPSPLAY=:0 and then launch gnumeric.
I have not tested it extensively, it might be a bit unstable.


Le 21/02/2018 à 13:40, Frédéric Parrenin a écrit :
Dear all,

I just wanted to know if anybody has been successful installing gnumeric on windows using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).
If so, what are the required steps?



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