It's quite possible that this has bitrotted over the years.

Please file a bug for this at, including what version of Gnumeric you are using.


On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 1:17 AM Mike McClain <mike junk 46 att net> wrote:
I'd like to move my portfolio tracker to gnumeric. Going through the
manual I've followed the instructions but have something wrong. Though
py_add is recognized I get 'Function implementation not available.'
when putting '=py_add(2,3)' in a cell.
    The correct sample mentioned doesn't seem to be available.
Here's my

from Gnumeric import GnumericError, GnumericErrorVALUE
import Gnumeric
import string

example_functions = {
    # Add two numbers together
    def func_add(num1, num2):
        '@SYNTAX=py_add(num1, num2)\n'\
        '@DESCRIPTION=Adds two numbers together.\n'\
        'Look, the description can go onto other lines.\n\n'\
        '@EXAMPLES=To add two constants, just type them in: py_add(2,3)\n'\
        'To add two cells, use the cell addresses: py_add(A1,A2)\n\n'\

        return num1 + num2

    # Translate the func_add python function to a gnumeric function and register
    example_functions = {
        'py_add': ('ff','num1,num2',func_add)


Thanks for the help,
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