porting question

I have built gnumeric and it is running fine on OpenIndiana but I want the tests to work correcty.

I am having problems with:

400: my $htxt = zcat -f '$tmp' | $normalize_gnumeric | sha1sum;
DB<1> s
Invalid Option
Usage: zcat [file ...]

On OpenIndiana or Solaris the zcat command will be one of the two:

my $htxt = `compress -f '$tmp' | $normalize_gnumeric | sha1sum`;
my $htxt = `uncompress -f '$tmp' | $normalize_gnumeric | sha1sum`;

BUT how did the original author get the checksum for example the test

&test_importer ("$samples/b66666-guppi.gnumeric", "4f9552b87482dfa330ed251dffef467939478244", $mode);

None of my changes have worked so far.


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