Re: Considering taking on Windows port

On 09/04/2016 01:39 PM, Jean Bréfort wrote:
You should start from current git, imho.

Here is how I compile on a linux box. The  step was not
obvious to me;  AFAICT it is not mentioned in the README or INSTALL
files anywhere.

Note that gnumeric depends on having goffice /installed/
and goffice depends on having libgsf /installed/.

Initially, clone and initialize the three repos:

for repo in libgsf goffice gnumeric ; do
  cd $top
  git clone$repo
  cd ./$repo
  git branch -m upstream
  git checkout -b master
  make install          # later repos depend on this


After the first time, that initialization is not repeated.

for repo in libgsf goffice gnumeric ; do
  cd $top/$repo
  git checkout upstream
  git pull -v          # check for latest updates
  git checkout master
  git rebase upstream
  make install


As for the windows stuff, including dependencies, I can't help you
with that.

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