Re: why does ssconvert need D-bus ?

It shouldn't need an X server.  That is, as you say, kind of the point.

GConf, on the other hand, is needed.  We don't really know or control
what that does under the hood, but needing an X server is unreasonable.

Please file a bug against gconf for this.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 7:40 AM, Fourhundred Thecat <400thecat gmx ch> wrote:

when I run following command in the text console:

  ssconvert --export-type=Gnumeric_html:html40 file.gnumeric fd://1

I get lots of errors like these:

  (ssconvert:3532): GConf-WARNING **: Client failed to connect to the
D-BUS daemon:
  Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11
  GConf Error: No D-BUS daemon running

Please correct me if I am wrong, but ssconvert is a command line
spreadsheet format converter (that's what the man page says, anyway).
Why then, for what purpose, is it looking for D-bus ?

The whole point of a command line utility is, that it works in the
commandline (without X)

The man page does not mention anything about D-bus
(man ssconvert | grep -i bus)

Can somebody please explain what is happening ?
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