Re: matrix size?

Is there a limit to the max number of columns in the spreadsheet?

Several, but without knowing what you are actually up to, it is a little
hard give a full answer.

You can select Resize from the sheet tab menu.  That will allow you to
change the size up to 16k columns and 16M rows.  In principle we could go
higher, but you don't really want to go high enough for TRUE to become a
valid row name.

Both row and column numbers need to stay well below the maximum "int",
probably by a factor of 8.

Finally there is a practical limit in that if you actually fill up a
gigantic sheet
with data then you are likely to run into inefficiencies, known and unknown,
causing cpu and memory usage to leave the realm of reason.  We don't
know precisely where this limit lies -- that depends on what you actually
do with the sheet.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for a great software.

Works fast and do things right.

Really like many sides of it.

Is there a limit to the max number of columns in the spreadsheet?

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