ssconvert problems with multi-sheet export


First time posting.  I have been using ssconvert to automate data conv and it is great.

But i ran into a snag today with exporting multiple sheets from one workbook. 
There are 462 sheets in one workbook, all have the same fmt .

i tried ...

ssconvert -S -O 'separator=| format=preserve quoting-mode=never' test.xlsx   test.txt

and indeed i got 462 separate files named test.txt.0 thru test.txt.461.


these are 462 identical files.  all have the same data - being the data of the active sheet.
i can change the active sheet and reexport that one sheet fine.  but how to do it in one pass?

i did try 

ssconvert  -O 'separator=| format=preserve quoting-mode=never sheet=1' test.xlsx   test.txt

and all manner of sheet=???? names but ssconvert never recognozed any names i used.

using ssconvert version '1.10.17'

any hints?

thanx in advance,


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