Broken strings

Some strings using UTF8 encoded chars are broken in translation files. 

Char directly escaped hexa causes it probably because it is valid hexa
digit. Someone try solve this by two quotes "". Maybe it worked before.
But from certain time it's broken.

Is any reason do not use UTF8 chars directly today?

From src/commands.c

_("Are you sure that you want to hide all columns? "
"If you do so you can unhide them with the "
"'Format\xe2\x86\x92""Column\xe2\x86\x92Unhide' "
"menu item.")

-> .po files

"Are you sure that you want to hide all columns? If you do so you "
"can unhide them with the 'Format,olumn→Unhide' menu item."

From src/dialogs/dialog-about.c

{ N_("Jean Br\xc3\xa9""fort"), GNM_CORE | GNM_FEATURE_HACKER,

-> .po files

"Jean Brßort"

From src/widgets/gnumeric-expr-entry.c

g_string_append (str_marked, _("\n\t<i>\xe2\x87\xa7""F4 to

-> .po files

"\t<i> to select</i>"

From src/workbook-cmd-format.c

_("An n\xe2\xa8\xaf""1 or 1\xe2\xa8\xaf"
"n selection is required."));

-> .po files

"An n or 1⨯n selection is required."

Marek Černocký

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