How to save advanced-filter settings

Here using gnumeric-1.10.17 and applying always the same advanced-filter
settings in a repetitive way for a given application.
so, each time i'm using that apps, i have to:
1. open the specific myapps.gnumeric file which has two sheets named datas
and output;
2. select Datas/Filter/Adanced-filter, and fill the input fields with
dat for the datas input;
crit for the criteria definition.
and the output thumbnail filling the input field with
+ there the output format has the column-automatic-adjust and
delete-output-range checkbox checked.
the "datas" sheet has 2 ranges named:
dat containing datas such as dates, adresses, price calculation;
crit which is the criteria the filter has to apply.
so i'm wondering which could be a way to
- save those settings somewhere (thereis no save option);
- or edit some advanced-filter.ui to have those settings "memorized";
- or even write a macro (using the Python scripting possibilities)
- or having an object button starting a kind of keys strokes sequence
replaying the above #2 sequence (*) when toggled as TRUE
(*) Alt-D/F/F
Thanks for any answer

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