Re: Discontinuing Windows Builds

Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> I know this is the advice I was hearing for many years when I was
> missing some software on the Linux, but here I'm giving it in the best
> possible spirit: have you considered to simply run Gnumeric under
> virtualbox or or some other virtual machine?
> These days it's very easy/quickly to pick some Linux distro and then
> have Gnumeric running and sharing data with the hosting Windows OS.

May be even overkill since it may work on MinGW or CygWin.


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I will certainly give VirtualBox a good hard look(can't afford the costly paid versions).
Thanks for the suggestion.

But being an old retired guy with nothing much to do, I was hoping to be able to actually make a Windows executable every 4 or 5 months from the source code. I can't see it needing changed monthly unless there are very serious problems with a previous build.

May have to give that idea up. Don't want to, but I need the necessary scripts and an application on windows to do it.

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