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On Sat, Nov 01, 2014 at 09:31:24AM +0100, Jean Brefort wrote:
How is this related with Gnumeric? And not sure I really understand what
you want to do. What do you use as input for PSPP? What does it output?

I understand that the OP wants to import a single sheet into a LibreOffice spreadsheet. 
Table == Sheet 
Outout == (entire) Spreadsheet (file)
if my translator does not fool me. One answer would be to remove all the
unwanted tables from the original - or from a copy of the original
workbook ( <--- HA !), then do whatever you want with the remainder.



Le vendredi 31 octobre 2014 à 12:34 +0100, F. Thomas a écrit :
I guess it is not possible, but maybe I have not seen the trick: How can 
I delete some of the output, for instance a table ?

I ask as I want to output a single table into the LibreOffice 
spreadsheet and to allow this I have to produce a html output of all the 
results - which can produce hundreds of pages if you work for several 
hours - and then import the html table into Calc. This is cumbersome, 
but I see this as the only way to get tables into Calc (or any other 

Or did you find a more direct way ?

The best way, of course, would be to be able to export a single output 
element, such as a table, and not be obliged to use the entire output.

I use PSPP 0.8.4 with PSPPIRE.


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