Re: Discontinuing Windows Builds

On 8/24/14 11:42 PM, Morten Welinder wrote:
I have decided to stop releasing and distributing Windows binaries of Gnumeric.

The main reason is that I am uncomfortable with crash reports I see --
crashes that are unlikely to be the fault of Gnumeric, but rather
something in Gtk+ and lower.  I haven't observed these crashes myself
(not that I use the Windows builds much) thus making it very hard for
me to debug.

A side reason is that no-one in the Windows world has ever stepped
forward with skill and time.  I really have very little out of
creating these binaries, so unless it mostly can take care of itself
then I am not terribly interested.

Volunteers are welcome to pick up where I left it.  All source code
and build scripts needed are in the git repository.  This is not for
the faint of heart.

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Hey Morten,

Thanks for the windows builds you did create over the past years. On occasion, they did help me help others: when confronted with other user's windows machines and once, via WINE, on a Mac. There's something to be said for the single file format of distribution where all dependencies are bundled in---heavy but particularly effective and noninvasive.

Anyhow, thanks again,

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