Re: MacPorts maintainership...

(I hope I did the subject line correctly)
Gnumeric and Goffice have been available on MacPorts for many years, but with ‘nomaintainer’ status.  This 
meant that bugs, patches, configures and updates were done only when somebody had the time to get around to 
it.  With a port maintainer, it can be assured that Gnumeric and Goffice will always be up to date with the 
latest stable releases, and if anyone has a bug to report, it will be immediately assigned to the maintainer, 
rather than waiting for someone to get around to it.

I will see if there is a way to get the MacPorts build process to run make check-TESTS automatically as an 
option.  Meanwhile, I am happy to say that Gnumeric on MacPorts is available with all of the optional 
packages (psiconv, pxlib, and optionally libgda5), although there are still some minor issues with yelp 
(patches pending review).  As a final question, would the Gnumeric team be interested in receiving build 
logs, as these often contain code warnings generated by the compiler?

C. Herbig

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