Re: GTK3/Win32

The problem is not so much whether someone has succeeded in compiling
Gtk+ 3.x, but whether the part of it used by Gnumeric is actually working.
There's a big difference with a very unpleasant pile of debugging tied on to

Ideally that debugging would be handled by Gtk+ people, but there aren't
even enough action from that point to apply patches that were created the
better part of a decade ago.

Also ideally some windows user with a strong skill set in cross-compiling
from Linux would step forward and create the builds, so core developers --
who quite frankly don't know much about Windows -- would be able to
concentrate on improving Gnumeric.

We do not live in an ideal world.  That means it will probably eventually come
down to me.  I am not looking forward to that one bit.


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