Re: move worksheet to another Workbook problem

Good job, Ryoji!  And thanks too.

I was wondering if gnumeric had such a function just a few weeks ago. I assumed that it did, but I guess I assumed too much. Well, now you've done it. Hope it becomes part of the standard distribution eventually.

On 05/13/2013 11:32 AM RYOJI KODAKARI wrote:
hello, i'm ryoji. posted "move worksheet to another Wookbook problem"
a week ago.

So, I read a part of source code and made shitty small codes to be
able to duplicate sheet between workbooks.
this is demonstration video, you can see how it works.
And also, a puppy linux which modified-gnumeric installed has been
prepared for try.

i wish you like it and adopt this kind of function at closer release.

[about code modification]
1. sheet.c
2. new plugin

* added sheet_dup_with_workbook (Sheet const *src, Workbook *dstwb) function.
   this function is 99% copy of sheet_dup (Sheet const *src)

- new plugin
* it's trigger of this enhancement funcion. i imitated uihello.

good day

On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 4:16 PM, RYOJI KODAKARI <ryoji kodakari gmail com> wrote:

hello, i'm ryoji posting again and again recently.
it's a request to developing team, developing team already have been noticed
this problem.

as long as i know, there's still this problem remains, and this enhancement
feature is important to office-use.
sounds like it's a core of application framework and technically quite
difficult, but i wish this problem to be solved at close future.


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