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On 19/02/13 17:28, Marek Černocký wrote:
When translating I'm getting a little confused about the difference
between "Graph", "Chart" (and may be "Plot"). Please can anyone explain
the difference between them.

Hello Marek,

A they are all performance metrics.

A graph is one that measures performance, generally in a simpler way to a chart, quite often having just the one line describing performance along two axis. It will usually be referred to as a `line-graph', like this:

Whereas charts will usually be in reference to pie charts, like this:

or, perhaps a columnar/bar chart, like this:

A plot is the process line drawn by a plotter as it describes a process, quite often in real time.

All of these terms, as you travel across imaginary lines on maps, may be used interchangeably, but if you stay with these terms in the way I describe, you will provide the *inference* that applies to each one, that most people will understand.

For example:
  • A plotter will create a line graph as it plots the Richter readings of an earthquake.
  • A line graph will often be referred to as a line chart.

But stick with the terms as I describe them and you'll be understood.
Kind regards,


Marek Černocký

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