Re: "Persistent" and "Multiple" misplaced tool-tips on internal links

Please file a bug report and attach a sample file showing the issue and
instructions to reproduce.

Best regards,

Le jeudi 22 août 2013 à 22:30 +0200, bat guano don blech e4ward com a
écrit :
Gnumeric 1.12.4
Ubuntu Linux 13.04

Good evening,

In a workbook of several tables, some content is linked internally
across table-borders.

The tool-tips which appear when hovering over such a link do not always
disappear as expected when I move the mouse away from the link. While it
is not a safe method to reproduce the phenomenon, it appears to happen
mostly, when I also click on the link, while the tool-tip is at display.

This way you can keep several tool-tips open at the same time and even
keep them visible when you focus a different application-window. I had
to close Gnumeric to write this mail, because the tool-tips clutter the
window. ;-) The screen-shots:

And because I am once not under constraint of privacy, I even attach the
affected file to this mail. A spreadsheet program may not be the right
application for this kind of work, but I had different things in mind
when I started the document. Anyway, there is a problem with the tool-tips.


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