[1.10 and 1.12] Bugged lookup-formula and ex- and re-imported file becomes almost unusable.

Good day all,

this may become a little messy and I try to avoid confusion where I can,
but not being a native English speaker will have some effect, too.

Well then ...
I am still using version 1.10 for the simple reason, that I am unable to
compile the Python plugin for Gnumeric 1.12; see my previous messages
and the subsequent exchange on that topic.

Last week I found out, that the lookup-formula that I use on many sheets
does not work flawlessly but after some lines with correct results
begins to simply count up from 1 to the number of current data-rows. The
numbers produced have no relation to the values in the table, actually

My most successful attempt to produce correct values consisted in
exporting the gnumeric-table to XLSX, reopen it in LibreOffice where the
lookup-formula (I am sorry to say that) worked fine, save it once more
and re-import the XLSX in Gnumeric. With the right lookup-result, I
could now hit F9 to make my python routines update the table as well and
all looked fine... at first.

Saving the file now takes an eternity. Trying to open the file from the
file-system lets me assume that it won't until many long minutes later...

Finally my question: As the data stored in the tables are to some extent
confidential, can I have one person to scrutinize the file and to give
me an indication on what may have gone wrong, so that I can possibly
restart with a previous and clean version ?

I cannot post the gnumeric-file here in public.



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