Re: Graph for stocks (share market) in Open-High-Low-Close candlesticks format

>         Configuration options are not so limited. Right click on the
>         chart, and
>         select Properties. In the dialog, select the Series, then the
>         Data tab.
>         There you can set the data.
>         For open/close data, use a Dropbar plot.
>         Hope this helps.
>         Jean
> Under 'open-low', it shows 'min-max'. It is confusing.
> Again, how to specify 'close'?

Why open-low? You should use low-high for the minmax plot. And for
Open-Close, use a dropbar plot (add a new plot to the chart).

I did not know that.
All right. I will give it a try again.
Thanks to all for the help.

--- Vineet

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