Re: automatically selecting an array


You can use Edit/Select/Array, or just its shortcut: Ctrl+/


Le mardi 09 avril 2013 à 09:29 -0700, John Denker a écrit :
Hi --

Some people (including me) use spreadsheets for working with arrays.
Lots of arrays, and lots of array functions.  Lots of ctrl-shift-enter.

Now suppose we want to change the formulas in some of the arrays.  It
is a royal pain to select the shape of the array.  Wouldn't you think
the computer can figure out the shape of the array quicker than the
user can highlight it by hand ... especially if the array has hundreds 
or thousands of rows?

In particular, it seems like "ctrl-shift-click" would be a nice way
to select an array.

Similarly, it seems like "ctrl-shift-F2" would be a nice way to select 
the entire array and open it for editing via the formula bar.

Perhaps other folks have even better ideas for progress in this


How hard would this be to do?  I haven't got time to work on it
right now.
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