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Le Sat, 29 Sep 2012 16:10:37 +0200,
Dominique Michel <dominique michel vtxnet ch> a écrit :

I think than, as engauge take a lot of points, something like
y=(x*y1)/x1 will be enough for the extrapolations. At least for the
first step without extra Ug1 values.

My first concern is how to search for the nearest values of some given
number into several columns with a lot of blank cells. How can I do

I made a shell script for that. It generate new .csv files, one for
each wanted I.

Also, the interpolation is a little bit more complicated,
necessitate 2 lines per values. It is something like

U=Ua1+(delta Ua / delta Ia)*(I-Ia1)
U=Ua2-(delta Ua / delta Ia)*(Ia2-I)

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