Re: 3D or 4D spreadsheet

Gnumeric already supports 3D formula: =sum(Sheet1:Sheet3!A1:C3) is a
valid formula, summing the contents of a cube of cells three columns
wide, three columns high, and three worksheets deep.

Thanks for the information, I did not know that.
However, it seems there is a bug.
If I enter your formula, place 1 in Sheet2!A1, the result is 1.
Then if I move Sheet3 before Sheet1, the result is still 1.
Forcing the recalc fixes it.

Note that there isn't a point-and-click way of entering these formula,
you've got to type them in by hand (there's a feature request in
bugzilla for being able to select multiple worksheets, which is what
you'd need to this).

I've got no idea what a 4D formula would look like, or how you'd
arrange the data in a spreadsheet.  What were you thinking about for
this one?

Cells reference could be of the form X1Y3Z2T5.
Of course you can view in a screen only 2D slices of this hyper-cube.
You could select which pair of axes you want to view, e.g. (X,Y).
Then you could move the other 2 variables (Z and T in this case) using
2 cursors.



- olly

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