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Responding to myself.

Option 1 is the only one I was able to implement, mainly because the
themes are loaded after the graphs. Anyway I changed the API a bit and
added an Id which identifies the theme instead of the name, so several
themes can actually have the same name.
I still need to write a theme editor (as an external program). I attach
a gnumeric file with a custom theme embedded (stupidely called "My
Theme" which is the default theme except for GogChart (no outline) and
for the backplane which is invisible by default (I might use this theme
a lot in the future, but I should rename it to something more
descriptive). You need the latest goffice git code to properly load this


Le vendredi 02 novembre 2012 à 13:29 +0100, Jean Brefort a écrit :

I would like to enhance the current graph theme code. Currently, we have
two inline themes (Default (Excel like) and Guppi), and anybody can
create a custom theme as explained in the Goffice API documentation.

Custom themes have several drawbacks: they are painful to edit since
there is no GUI for that, and, worse, they are not saved with the
document, so that the rendering will not be the same everywhere.

These two issues can be fixed (I know how, but I need some time). Just
that opens a new question: what should be done if a theme embedded
inside a document has the same name than a local theme? Note that the
graph is saved with just the theme name.

1. it hides the local theme
2. it is dropped and the local theme is used
3. it is renamed on the fly to avoid hiding the local theme

It might also be possible to compare the two themes to see if they are
identical or not (might be a bit difficult, but still possible). If yes,
option 2 would be applied.

Each option has it pros and cons and I'll wait for comments before

Best regards,

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