Re: Access coefficients in trendline

Le lundi 05 novembre 2012 à 05:29 -0800, Mike Simms a écrit :
Hi Jean,

You say "you can evaluate them with the linest function (you need a column
for each power of the x values)." That sounds good, but reading section of the manual, "Array Formulas", I don't understand what is meant.
does it mean, if my 'y' data is a1:a100 and my 'x' data is in b1:b100, and I
want a 3rd order polynomial, it sounds like I should try to get 
I don't understand the Wind thing above.

You might add x^2 in column c and x^3 in d, then the formula is
you need to enter this formula as an array formula in four consecutive
cells in a row. The inidces are automatically added, you can't change

Hope this helps.

in three cells.
I can type
in one cell, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter and the cells contents change to 
but how do I change the (1,1)[0][0] section? Or am I way off?


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