Re: How to compile gnumeric for windows from unbuntu?

It's complicated.

The basic idea is "make release" from the win32 directory, however
if you were to try that now you would run into lots of problems:

* There are plenty of mingw compilers out there.  They're all a little bit
 different in, say, what header files they supply.

* Some of the source packages it downloads will the specific version used

* When you upgrade the version to something current, you will find that
 patches do not apply cleanly (or even not at all).  You will also find that
 requirements have changed and that you need to upgrade other packages.

* Current Gnumeric/Goffice will not work with gtk 2.x, so either you compile
 an old version of Gnumeric or else you upgrade the gtk requirement and
 deal with the consequences of that.

So basically it can be done, but you need to be comfortable with debugging
strange crashes, things that don't compile, and the lack of good tools.


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