Re: Gnumeric Release 1.11 Win32 build

On Mon, 2012-03-05 at 17:28 +0100, Jakob wrote:

I am currently working on my Master Thesis and in this context I'm using 
gnumeric. As I am working on a more or less chemical subject, I would 
really like to use the new feature of the latest gnumeric branch to set 
axis title parts as sub-text. Unfortunately, there is no Win32 build on 
the 1.11-branch.

Could you maybe recompile the latest release of gnumeric for Win32 with 
GTK2? I would be really grateful, since I have to hand in my thesis in 
the end of this month... If this is impossible, do you know when GTK3 is 
going to be released and recompilation will take place?

The 1.11 branch of Gnumeric requires GTK3. It cannot be recompiled for


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