Re: cells with the same content

Hello Frédéric,

do you have some pseudo/example code? (Still trying to grasp your problem.)

An easy solution would be to have a settings area or sheet, resulting in something like A1 and CX1 "=SettingsSheet!A1".


Am 02.03.2012 14:59, schrieb Frederic Parrenin:
Hi Oliver,

Thank you for your answer.

My question was exactly is it possible both ways.
My example is the following.
I have a big sheets with many calculations.
I want to compare numbers at two different places.
It would not be like A1 and A2 but rather A1 and CX1.
So each time I want to change the value of A1 I need to scroll to CX1,
which is very inconvenient.

It would be fantastic if gnumeric's dev could add this feature, which
has no equivalent to other spreadsheet software.


2012/3/2 Oliver Burnett-Hall<olly burnett-hall co uk>:
On 2 March 2012 13:13, Frederic Parrenin<parrenin gmail com>  wrote:

Sorry for the newbie question.
Is it possible to specify that two cells should have the same content?
E.g., cells A1 and A2 are linked. Modifying A1 will modify A2 and vice versa.

Not both ways.  If you put the formula "=A1" in cell A2 then that will
take its value from A1, but A1 won't change if you update A2.  Why
would you want this?

- olly

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