Re: missing GNUmeric feature python macro wishlist

Thanks for your answer!

I'll file an enhancement request at!!

Nevertheless the other "worse" part really scared me, I guess mainly because it's a problem far beyond my 
programming skills... I really hope someone capable get in to it because losing the python capabilities in 
further versions of GNUmeric would be a big step backwards! 
( Any one can help in this? Please!


On 07-01-2012, at 6:53, Jean Brefort <jean brefort normalesup org> wrote:

There is no such option at the moment, sorry, please file an enhancement
request at

Worse, the whole python support is broken in the development version
because pygobject has not been ported to gtk3. In order to make it work
again, we must add gobject-introspection support to libgsf (see, goffice and
libspreadsheet (the gnumeric library), and rewrite the python related


Le vendredi 06 janvier 2012 à 14:07 -0300, Fernando Badilla a écrit :

I've been using GNUmeric (in ubuntu) as first choice for python macros
for quite a while.

Is there a command line option (or some how) to make the python
console open-up and be set up in "Python Functions" Interpreter at


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